You’ve found us! Plick’s Flicks tells the stories of businesses and artists who understand the value of making a quality first impression with their clients. We specialize in strategic and engaging marketing through cinematic storytelling. In other words, we explore what your business needs, and help connect you with the right audience through video.

The Beginning: Bringing Ideas To Life

The Pre-production process involves the bringing together of little ideas that become through time &  dedicated thought interwoven strands of juicy plot, rounded characters with creatively designed sets.  Before Production begins, a shot list is prepared, contracts and cast release forms are signed, payments received and equipment and set prepared.  

Lights, Camera, Action:

The appropriate crew for the project scale and budget gathers before the shoot for final preparations.  During filming, we work though the allotted time frame letting creative decision making determine shots, using the shortlist as a guideline and checklist.  This allows freedom to wander outside "the box", and opens up room for growth of ideas and angles, while staying on track and on schedule.  Depending on the length of the shoot, a break is typically scheduled for provided food and refreshment, to keep everyone happy and rolling.


The editing process is typically the most time-consuming.  The transformation of the RAW footage in Post is astounding, as the juxtaposition of meaningful cuts and Color Correction breathes a whole new life into the footage.  The footage goes through a series of artists and processes before it makes it's public debut.  First, the days' shots are reviewed by the crew on a projector, over pupus and team morale.  then the shrEDITOR cuts the footage into a basic video.  The video goes through two passes of Color Grading before it is sent to After Effects for finishing touches.  And voila! A beautifully mastered visual story is created forever.