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Katie Ann Lange | Director/shrEDITOR


Cultural and generational preservation.

Bellingham Bay Marathon - 3:55

Born and raised in Hawai’i, I moved to Bellingham, WA. to continue my pedagogical journey at Western Washington University where I aquired an English B.A. and developed written voice to match.  Alongside my love of English literature and language, I developed a desire to compose in a more visual medium and after a few film and video editing classes, I fell in love.  I spent the months following my graduation, a snowboard bum at Mount Baker, shredding powder by day and editing videos by night, motivated by the great outdoors Washington has to offer, which anyone who has driven the winding Mount Baker Hwy. can attest to.  Over the past few years, after working with several Production companies and developing a deeper understanding for the various roles and theories of film making, I began to create a team of talented, passionate individuals pursuing visual storytelling. Plick's Flicks strives to make quality, outward-thinking videos everyday.

Sanae Kato | Photographer & Social Media Analyst

NICKNAMES: Sani, San San

EDUCATION: Visual Journalism Bachelors Degree; Western Washington University

INSPIRATION: Humans. Our expressions,  movements and emotions are for the most part a universal language.

FUNKY FACTS: I'm happy when there's a camera in my hand and a piping hot coffee in the other. I stalk dogs and my voice hits the highest of pitches when talking to them. I spend a big chunk of money on concerts and art. I'm a wannabe pro skater. I'm the daughter of a drummer and teacher. I'm devoted to the Pacific Northwest and its vast urban culture.

SAY WHAT: Visual communication has an incomparable power to evoke energy and emotion. I want to capture my perspective of my environment and share that. I believe it can restore the novelty and curiosity that is often forgotten in our daily lives.

It all started seven years ago in my high school dark room. I started shooting with a 6 megapixel Canon Point and Shoot, which seems like a joke now, but it taught me discipline and humility. My passion didn't stem from the purchase of expensive equipment, it developed out of pure insight. The most important thing I've learned is to not let the device manipulate my creativity. Thus, there is no limit to my imagination. I value that aspect everyday.


Instagram @SeeSanzShoot


Kiana Hamilton | Art Director

NICKNAMES: Kiki, Earth Goddess

INSPIRATION:  I've always been inspired by my love of nature, and I often incorporate huge, spreading trees and natural patterns into my designs. 

FUNKY FACTS: I love to sing and I bake a damn good chocolate cake.

SAY WHAT:  When I was a tiny, tiny child, I decided that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.  To this day that desire has only grown and I've always thrown myself deeply into my art.  From fingerpainting to set design, I want to try it all.  I'm so thankful that my love of the arts can contribute to making wonderful things with Plick's Flicks!  A Washingtonian by birth, I was raised between parents in weird Portland, Oregon and the Rockies outside Boulder, Colorado.  While my true love is for sketching and painting, I'm truly excited to use my theatrical knowledge in film.  Between casting and creating shot lists, overseeing set design, costumes, and stage makeup, I'm kept pretty busy during the whole process.  I believe that visual art can touch people in ways they don't expect, and I want to bring an original creativity as well as a healthy message to the projects on which I work.  To see more of my visual art, check out my Instagram @earthgoddessart.